What is Blogger? Full Comparision Blogger vs WordPress

By | August 29, 2018

A blog is an informational web page or website that available on the world wide web run by the individual or small group to share the information. It may have the different topics like fashion, technology, food, photography, etc. You read many blogs on the internet and this is one of them. Now, let’s discuss the actual topic, What is a blog? or Blogger.

Few Words about Blogger

Actually, Blog is very similar to the website. The blog is a journal/ diary that maintained by one person – Blogger. The blogs can be regular or not be regular means you have to wait for the new post for a long time. Apart from this, blogs can be private but usually, mostly available on the internet that you can read. Blogs usually have the one specific topic to share the information about what the blogger passionate.

The main thing for the Blogger is unique and fresh detailed Blog Posts which actually provide the good information to the viewers. Every blog on the internet has the different blog posts that written by the blogger. A blog post may contain the content, images, videos, bulleted points, different heading and so on.

Blogs can have a huge number of visitors when you have enough posts and well used the SEO in blog and blog posts. As the visitors increasing, your blog will become popular and you will start getting the traffic from the search engines. You can share your blog and blog posts on the social media networks to tell about your blog to your friends, groupmates and your followers as well. Social media marketing is very helpful to attract the traffic to your blog to increase traffic.

Full Explanation of various terms

Blog – It is the online diary/ journal which available on the internet for the users.

Blogger – This is the individual who is the blog owner and responsible for the posting new posts, sharing latest information, opinions etc.

Blog Post – A blog post is an article or writing that is on the blog. E.g. this is a blog post, you are reading now.

Blogging – It is the action of writing and maintaining a blog. While blogging, you can share the information that you think important and interesting to others.

What is a Blog?

Well, everyone has its different opinions about the definition which based on the use of it. The definition of the blog is different on the Wikipedia and on the other sources. The bloggers need to understand the blog properly before started it. First thing, you should passionate about the thing.

Today, there is a number of blogs are available on almost every topic. As you make any search for any particular word, you will get a number of search results. Just pick up any from there that exactly relates to your problem. Blogs made the things easy.

Blog Trends

In the 90’s, it is very hard to blogging as you need to know the coding to start the blogs. That time, there is no term for a blog. They were called it – weblog which actually officially announced in 1977 by Jorn Barger. But later in 1999, it was shortened to blog. Now, some of the persons start blogging as it wasn’t popular at all.

Later in 2003, WordPress released which changes everything in the blogging. This got popular because it offers Free Blogging Platform. A lot of the person find it useful because it is easy to install, maintain and use. More than 75% of the blogs are running on the WordPress blogging platform.

Now, let’s check the blogs, blogging, and WordPress on Search Trends on Google

How to start a Blog” vs “What is a blogWhat is Blog? How to start a blog?

Blogger vs WordPress” (Most Popular Blogging Platforms)Blogger wordpress

So, see the graphs that say a lot. A huge number of blogs are still active and unlimited posts are daily published on these blogs.

Why people blog?

Blogs may be made and used for many different reasons. There can be various reasons to start a blog mentioned below:-

  • Blogging is easy

Blogging is such an easy thing. If you can write an email then it will gonna easy to start a blog.

  • Organic Search

When you blog will ready, Google crawler will crawl your pages and posts of your blog and listed it in the Google search. It will help you to increase visitors to your blog.

  • Blogging improves skills

Well, blogging will improve various skills of the blogger such as writing and communication skills.

  • Blogging help other peoples

The blogs very helpful to the others with the information given in it. It is very popular to spread the knowledge to others.

  • Make money with Blogging

Yes, you can monetize your blog with the various ads will start publishing on your blog. The most preferred monetize company is Google Adsense.

  • Self Promotion & New Opportunities

When your blogs get visitors, they actually start to know about and many of the peoples start to respect you. In other words, you got the huge follower base through your blog. You may get offers from the various reputed companies to join them.

  • Grow your business through Blog

It can definitely help you to grow your business. You can share your product details, features, benefits with the unique content which will help you grow the audience as well as your customers.

Wrapping up

The blogging is easy to use if you are really passionate about. Most of the peoples start the blog with the few posts and lose the hope when their blog post will not rank on Google. But you have to keep some patience as the dream can’t be true in one day. It takes time, hard work and your sleep. The blog needs hours and hours to keep going on #1 on Google search engine.

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