What is Digital Marketing? Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing

By | September 3, 2018

Hey fellas, after a short break here we are again with a new topic related to the “Digital Marketing”. Digital Marketing has expressed itself in the name. Digital includes internet, email, affiliate marketing etc. Whereas marketing that about increasing the sales of your service or product. The Digital marketing is on its high nowadays. The peoples are like to spend their money on the promotion of their product in the online digital marketing rather than the printing marketing. This is the revolution in the marketing for promotion.

What is Digital Marketing?

Online digital MarketingIn easy words, the digital marketing is the promotion of product or service through the internet based source. It includes the mobile phones, display advertising, and another digital medium as well. This changes the way of marketing for the new and old brands all over the world. Digital marketing developed since the 1990’s that changes the way of business use technology as the marketing tool. It is now becoming the first choice of the business organizations for launching their new products or promotion for their existing products.

There is the number of famous brands is using the digital media for the promotion that helps them to gain more customers and better relationships with customers as well. The digital marketing will not only use for the promotion of their products rather the customers can get help about the product from the brand as there is helpline which will open 24×7 for customers. This will increase the customer’s value and trust for the brand. Social media is also a part of digital marketing on which your brand will get the positive or negative feedback.

Various ways for Digital Marketing

If you are launching a new product or service then obviously, you want to tell about your product or service to more and more peoples then Digital Marketing or online marketing will help you in a low cost. Yes, if you are familiar with the internet then there are various ways for digital marketing:-

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This is the paid effort to drive more traffic to your business. So, it also is known as the Paid Search Marketing. The subject of SEM is vital as there is no end to learn. You can choose pay per click (PPC) or cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM) model that based on your business structure. There is the number of a platform for SEM but Google is also providing a tool named Google Adword that you may use for SEM.

  • Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Whenever you look for something on Google/ Yahoo/ Bing, it will provide your thousands of results over there. These search engines bring the most relevant results for you according to your query. Google is the most popular search engine that updates its algorithms regularly. It will help you to provide good and knowledgeable results for you on the top searches. You just need a little time to understand it then it will easy for you. Your content and query should match to your website address to get more effective results for more organic searches.

  • Content Creation

Watch the content that you have on working. This is the most effective and main part of the Digital marketing. The content should relate to your niche that you have. The content can be presented in various different formats that included blogs, e-books, white papers, case studies, how to guides, Q&A articles, forms, news and updates, images, infographics, banners, webinars, or content for social media sites or microblogging.

  • Digital Display Advertising

This is a part of the Search Engine Marketing efforts. You may use the variety of different formats to show your advertising or marketing your brand to target potential audience that can be text, image, banner, rich media or video ads. These will be featured on the websites, videos, and other apps as well. It will help you to get a good audience which actually has interested in your product.

  • Mobile Marketing

This is the also subject of the Digital Marketing. The reach of the mobile is more than anything today worldwide. So, it is easy to promote your brand through the internet. The mobile users will use websites, apps, and games where your product or service will get the ads. These will be seen by the only interested persons who are searching related your brand. Mobile marketing is increasing it worth day by day.

  • Viral Marketing

This is the era of the digital media. Your brand or product can get famous in a night through the viral marketing. This is the best way in the digital marketing to drive huge traffic for your product or service. The viral marketing spreads the unique content exponentially online on the various social media sites. This also comes with the social media marketing.

  • Email Marketing

This is the commercial way to promote your brand across worldwide through sending a proper email. Seven persons out ten who get the email, check it once. If you manage everything well then congrats, you got a new customer. But it is not easy as it seems. You should know the latest trend for the email marketing and check your statics which format is more effective to drive traffic.

These are various digital marketing ways that will help you to promote/ market your brand or product. The most recommended way among these are mobile and email marketing tools as it is more effective. I suggested you start the digital marketing after knowing about this well otherwise it will just waste money and time.

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Why you need Digital Marketing?

  • Digital Marketing Levels the online playing field.
  • It is more cost-effective than traditional Marketing.
  • It makes the conversion rate regularly increase.
  • It will help you to generate better revenue.
  • It will only target the audience who is actually may have interest in your brand or product.
  • It will raise your brand reputation in the market.

If you want to promote your brand or product at the affordable low price then nothing better than Digital Marketing. Also, you will get the good audience that may be interested in your brand. Another type of promotions or marketing hasn’t such type feature in this price that offered by the online digital marketing. It is easy to use and you can make experiment time to time to increase your reach for the audience.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

After knowing about the digital marketing, let’s discuss few benefits of online digital marketing:-

  • It will target the audience more effectively.

One the best benefit of internet marketing (Digital Marketing) is that it will target the actually interested audience on the base of the database. You can customize the reach of your audience even special age group which is hardly possible with other marketing tools.

  • It will Deliver Immediate Results

In the online marketing, you will get the exact data on your device. You can notice the increase or decrease of your brand reputation as well through this way.

  • Reasonable and affordable Price/ Cost

As compared to traditional way of marketing, Digital marketing is much more cost-effective. It doesn’t require any large lump-sum amount for marketing of your business. You have many ways to promote your business or product.

  • Reach is more and even International Audience

Yes, you can interact with the international audience through the Digital Marketing (Internet Marketing). The geographical distances are meaningless with the online marketing that allows you to reach more and more persons and even overseas audience at very effective cost.

  • Digital Marketing Results are Measurable

The results of the digital marketing are measurable through which you can follow your strategy. It will help you to get the data of digital marketing strategy plan is best for you. You will get the proper data for your old customers and new customers and how much show their interest in your business or product.

  • Power of Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is the internal part of Digital Marketing. A large number of peoples are using the social media for their empty time. But do you know that these social sites show you ads in the proper manner that most of the peoples failed to notice? This is the most preferable and convenient option for promotions/ Marketing.

  • It is Available 24/7

Other types of marketing tools are failed to provide you the availability of 24×7 service that you will get in the digital marketing. The use of the online marketing is increasing day by day.Digital Marketing pros and cons

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing (Internet Marketing):-

Yet, the digital marketing has the various pros but it also holds some cons that you should know about the internet marketing before starting. Read these few key points to get disadvantages of online digital marketing:-

  • Campaigns can be Copied

The first and dangers in digital marketing are that it can be copied easily by the competitors. To prevent to these types frauds, you should use logos or your trademarks in your campaigns.

  • Get Drowned by Too Much Online Ad Clutter

The internet is flooded with lots of online clutter with both legitimate business and questionable entities like spammers, trolls, and scammers present in the marketplace. The peoples who ignore the tendency of internet advertising, making legitimate businesses lose valuable traffic and revenues as well in this process.

  • Useless If Not Done Professionally.

In the online marketing, you need to prepare the ad in a professional way otherwise the audience will not take it seriously and all effort and cost will get waste. Focus on your marketing campaigns that should be professional level to leave an impression on the audience for the first time.

  • Too Much Competition

You will face a huge competition in the online marketing whether it is from India or anywhere else. If you want to maintain the lead then you make strategy well with keep have an eye on your competitors as well. As the competition is high, it is hard to get the attention of audiences.

  • Reputation can be Damaged by Negative Feedback

There is a number of trolls are present on the social sites which can damage your reputation as well as it will help you get some popularity for your business or product besides it. You need to tackle the negative points from your product and always take it seriously. The negative feedbacks will help you to improve your product.

Digital Marketing Courses in India

In India, if you want to know about the online digital marketing courses then you can find lot of institution around your city. But which one is best for you that you need to choose wisely. This era is of the digitalization and this course has a good scope in future when the paper printing promotion will almost due to lack of paper. It is also called “Digital Vidya” in various regions of India. These courses will train you for online marketing. The top training modules for digital marketing are:-

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Website Optimization and Usability
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Digital Display Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation For Business
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Communications
  • Web Analytics

You can get these training sessions online as well on your weekends. There are many institutions is available across India for the training of digital marketing. Just Google it and you will get the number of results on your device screen in a few seconds. You will get the contact address and their fee as well. If you like the course and reasonable fee then go for it. It will not go in vain.

Wrapping up

That’s all from me about digital marketing. I hope that you like the information given in this post. If you have a question then you can ask in the comment box. I will reply you as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting here. Keep supporting. Have a Nice Day!

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