African Cichlids Characteristics, Habitat, Behavior, Breeding

By | January 14, 2019
African Cichlids are one of the most diverse, active, and intelligent freshwater fish for the modern aquarium hobby. The fish species is fairly hardy and good option for the beginner and intermediate aquarists. The fish species requires care and specific requirements to raise them. Each species of Cichlids have their own unique appearance and pattern which make them different from each other. The specific pattern of the fish makes them different from the other fish species and the main attraction of the peoples.

About African Cichlids

This cichlids species related to the Cichlidae family which includes a large number of other cichlids. These are one of the most diverse groups of fish and most of this species native to Africa. So, the species named as African Cichlids. There can be more than 1500 species, but most of them are still need a description. South America is also known as the other lots of cichlid species. The aggressive behavior of the fish also helps them to get the attention of the peoples and help them to survive in the wild habitat.
Scientific Name
3-8 Inches
Up to 15 years

African Cichlids Characteristics

The characteristics of the African Cichlids may vary with the types of Cichlids. The species have compressed elongated ovate shaped body. The size of the individual species ranges from one inch to three feet. The length of the species depends on the species of the cichlids. The fish species have some attractive pattern of color on their body. The coloration of their body easily captures the attention of the peoples. These are categorized in the small fish category.

 African Cichlids
The body color of the individual varies. The cichlids have small pectoral fins with two soft anal fins and curved caudal fin instead of the forked tail. The fish generally have the small sloped downward mouth. They have small eyes on their head. This is a beautiful freshwater fish. The cichlids are the attractive fish that comes in a wide range of body shapes and colors. These fish have a remarkable behavior. The species is considered as the highly active and quickly started to recognize its keepers.

African Cichlids Habitat

The cichlids have a large family usually inhabits in freshwater found in the tropical and subtropical water of Africa, Central, and South America and in few parts of Jordan, India, Iran, and Sri Lanka as well. Most of the Cichlids species found in large lakes of East Africa including Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Malawi. The African Cichlids are familiar with the temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit or more.
Lakes in East Africa are the main habitat of these cichlids which alone contains more than 500 species. With the time, the cichlids are also evolving to improve their living habitats. The species mostly inhabits in rocky shores, open water or pelagic regions, sandy shores, and deep-water regions. The African Cichlids is simple.

African Cichlids Diet

African cichlids are gregarious eaters and quickly eat different types of foods. This can be fed with the various types of frozen and live foods like brine shrimp, pellets, bloodworms, and beef heart as well. The diet of the species may vary in the wild habitat. The species of cichlids also prefer to have the various types of insects in their diet. While in the captivity, it can be offered once or twice in every two or three weeks.

African Cichlids Aquariums

Most of the African Cichlids are rock dwellers by hobby. They prefer to live among them for protection and also spawns under them. The species requires a minimum of 20 gallons or greater size of tank to keep the cichlids. The tank should have the good filtration system and temperature maintaining system in the tank. The water heater should keep out of reach of fish, otherwise, the fish may be injured as it goes close to it. The tank should have moderate lighting system as more intense lighting increase the number of algae in the aquarium which is not necessary.

 African Cichlids Fish

African Cichlids Behavior

The species have typical aggressive behavior and considered as the highly active fish. The fish species are highly active so, the fish can’t be housed with the shy fish species. The cichlids might start feeling stress and resultant attack on the other tank mates. The fish can be kept in the groups to avoid such problem of selection of other tank mates. The keeper should follow the instructions while handling this fish. This species only gets aggressive while they feel threatened or uncomfortable.

African Cichlids Breeding

The African Cichlids breed in the appropriate conditions. The species of cichlids become territorial during the breeding season and will defend their territory against others. These species follow the rituals before mating. The cichlids lay their eggs safely in cave or crevices and guard them until they hatch. After hatching of Cichlids, a female will look after the fry up to one or two weeks. It is hard to distinguish the breeding age of African cichlids. These are strong parental instincts and usually become much more aggressive during the breeding season.
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