Java Fern – Care Guide for Aquarists

By | January 15, 2019

Java Fern is the decoration plantation for the fish aquariums that used for the wide fish species in the tank or in their habitat. These are one of the easiest plants used to grow in the aquariums. These plants can be good for the shy, timid, or mimics fish species. Java fern is also known by Microsorum Pteropus. This is common in countries like Malaysia, China, and Taiwan. In nature, these grow in roots and rocks in rivers and waterfalls. This fern also used in the fish aquariums along with Narrow leaf, Needle leaf, windelov, and Lance leaf.

About Java Fern

Java fern doesn’t grow in the water or soil. Instead, these are common to the driftwood or rocks in aquariums. Some fish stores may also found trading Java fern that already connected to the driftwood. The Java fern takes little time to grow after plantation in the suitable conditions. It makes your aquarium very attractive and beautiful. Also, suitable for the timid and shy fish species.

Java fern

Java Fern Plant

Java fern is an attractive thing to have in the freshwater planted aquarium for 10 gallons or more. This is the perfect solution for the African Cichlids or other South American fish. This plantation even can hold with the goldfish and other plant-feeding fish which are herbivorous or omnivorous. The level of the water pH should maintain between 6.0 to 7.5 with the alkalinity of 3-8 dKH.

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Present day, Java fern is one of the most demanded aquarium plants. But it is not easy to keep this in the aquarium as there are few instructions to keep growing these plants in the aquarium. You need to follow the guidelines or care the plantation to keep this growning in the aquarium water.

Java Fern care

Plantation of Java fern in aquariums is not that easy as it seems. You can’t just put the plant in the aquarium and think that it will automatically grow. It can dry if not get the proper care from the keeper. As like it also requires the specific conditions and nutrition to grow in the water. Yet it doesn’t mean that it needs fertilizers in water. These plants increase the appearance of the aquariums and even beneficial for the fish species which like to eat plants and hide in dense plants due to their shy or timid nature.

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Replantation of Java Fern

Replantation or moving of Java fern may show the bad impact in growth for the after few days of moving. But it will begin to grow again within a couple of weeks with new plants which may grow up to six inches or feet. This plantation can grow in the small tank of 10 gallons to 55 gallons easily in the soft to moderate water. The temperature of water in tank should be kept between 72-82 degrees. The clean water doesn’t require any fertilizer to grew these ferns.

Plantation of Java Fern

If you are first time to plant this fern in your aquarium then you have to follow the next given instructions carefully: –

  • It is not necessary that you attach or bury the roots to soil or substrate in the aquarium.
  • If you bury the roots of fern in soil then it absorbs the nutrients but grows slowly and resultant, die after some time.
  • Java fern is a sturdy plant that should be attached to rock or wood.

Java fern plant can be placed in the middle or back of the aquarium. The number of ferns may obscure the fish or view of the aquarium if keep in the dense within the aquarium. So, the plantation of fern should not rich and just for decoration of fish tank.

Java fern care

Lighting for Java Fern

Lighting for the Java fern is still debatable as few aquarists recommend bright and other prefer dim lighting. Intense direct light may dry out the leaves and it starts changing to brown or transparent spots. This can be controlled by reducing the brightness by adding small incandescent bulbs or soft fluorescents. These ferns give their best in the low-light aquariums.

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How to grow Java Fern fast?

The growth of the java fern can increase by giving proper water conditions and atmosphere that it require. The rough environment of water or lack of proper nutrients in the water can reduce the growth of the fern in water. You can boost up the growth of the fern by adding fertilizers to the aquarium but in the particular quantity.

Java Fern windelov

Java fern is preferable for the beginners that have an easy level of care. These ferns require low or medium lighting to grow in water along with carbon dioxide. This is perfect for the beginners as they are hardy. There doesn’t need any special care as it can grow on driftwood or rock. The fern has a lacy leaf shape. In the beginning, it takes time to grow but after proper adaptation of the environment, it grows fastly.

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Java fern trident

The leaves of the plant are tripartite that is also known as the Java fern trident. These are suitable for the wood and rocks in the fish aquariums. These should be planted on the wood and rock and avoid to get planted into direct in substrate or soil of the aquarium. It will reduce the growth of the fern.

If you are an aquarist and want to get the fern for your aquarium then you can get from fish stores and also, there are some online traders which provide this fern online as well. But be safe from any kind of scam. You are free to share your experience in the comment section. Thanks for visiting us.


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