Types of Web Hosting Services | How to choose Web Hosting for blog

By | September 3, 2018

If you are going to start a new blog then you have to know about the basic requirements to run a blog. You can use the websites for free blogging but that is not beneficial. You can use that to get the overview. If you are going to start a blog with full customization and professionally then choose the paid web hosting services. In free hosting, you will not get the full access of the blog and the most of things will be accessed by the company. But if you own the web hosting, then you can put files as want and also, no fear of violation that you had in the free hosting.

Web hosting services typesThe hosting companies provide a different kind of web hosting services for every blogger which going to start blogging or want to change to web hosting due to some reason. The blogger should pick the hosting service as per their requirement. Like, if you are starting the new blog then shared hosting is enough to run as there will no such rush of peoples. But if you are running a well-settled blog with the huge amount of daily traffic then you should get the strong servers to handle such traffic. It hosting matters in too many things such as page load speed, storage, and bandwidth as well.

Types of Web Hosting Services

Just search for the web hosting, and you will get the number of search results there about it. Because the competition between hosting companies is too high these days. The companies are trying to attract the peoples by running discount offers regularly.

Here we discuss the different web hosting services available in the market and what can be the best choice for your blog. So, let’s get started:

Shared Web Hosting

As the name clears that it will be shared by other users. The company allotted one server to the number of users. The users will share this server within limits. The server does well if you hit less than 1k traffic daily. In other words, to start a blog, it is the best choice. The blog will not get traffic in starting. So, it can be the best choice. You just need to research before getting the web server from the company like policies, money back guarantee, and reviews. Read the reviews of the hosting service yet you will find the paid reviews as well. But after putting in some effort, you can find the real reviews by customers.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

It is the low cost hosting service that you can get to start a blog or website. The hosting price depends on the company from you are buying it. Let’s discuss some advantages of this hosting:

  • You can easily manage your website as you get the cPanel in this package.
  • Some companies allowed you to upgrade the package any time which is the great advantage of this hosting.
  • The maintenance cost of the server will also include in this package.

Why should you purchase a shared hosting service?

The hosting has the low cost to get your website on the internet. But the hosting is beneficial for the beginners only. You will get almost everything that you required to run your blog and also, you will get experience to use these features.

There are many companies which allowed you to pay monthly or you can pay once for the entire year once and also, get the discount if there any. If you get the hosting from the good hosting provider then you can easily install the famous scripts in just one click like WordPress, Joomla, etc.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the popular open source platform to run the new blog and website. More than 30% of websites worldwide are running on the WordPress. So, due to the popularity, the web hosting services provide the special package of WordPress hosting for the users who want to start a blog or website on WP.

WordPress hosting maintained and supported by the experienced and expert personals in the WordPress. If you face any problem, then simply contact to the support and you will get the satisfying solution. You don’t need about the updates of plugins or other core updates. Most web hosting services providers give the guaranteed 99.99% uptime, daily backups, security, high-speed server, unlimited bandwidth & disk space, and CDN.

Advantages of WordPress Hosting

  • You will get the updates on time with new features to improve the blog.
  • CDN will be bundled with the hosting service.
  • It allows regular backup of your blog. So, in case you lost blog, then you able to recover almost everything.
  • Your blog gets the high security and doesn’t need to worried about the disaster with your blog or website.
  • It is user-friendly and easy to understand the features of it.

Why should you purchase a WordPress Hosting?

The competition between the web hosting companies is very high. The companies continuously run various discount offers for the new and existing users. The package is full of features that required to run a blog.

Before choosing the hosting service, you need to compare the plans that offered by the various companies and get best for you in low price with rich features. You can easily establish and get online your blog or website by following a few steps. The WordPress hosting is the good option for you if you are going to start a blog with WordPress.

Reseller Web Hosting

The hosting company will provide a large amount of the bandwidth and disk space to the users and they can use this as they want. The user may divide this bandwidth and disk space for their friends to use or it also can find customers to sell the hosting service. Some companies also allowed the account used to customize their plans and then the price will be according to the selected options.

After purchasing the reseller web hosting service, you will get the plan related details on your email with the reseller control panel or well known as the Web Host Manager (WHM). This is the top level administrative control for the web hosting that only used by the system administrator.

Advantages of Reseller Web Hosting

  • You will get the great uptime with the reseller hosting that depends on your hosting provider.
  • You can upgrade the plan anytime by contacting the hosting provider yet the cost will increase.
  • It is the good way to turn into the business by selling the bandwidth and storage.
  • You can make the custom order as per your requirement.

Why should

Why should you purchase Reseller Web Hosting?

If you want to turn to host service into business then you should go for this hosting service. Also, you can share the hosting service with your blogger friends. Compare the price of the plans offered by the various web hosting services. The price of the hosting will vary as per the bandwidth and disk space, you will choose. The hosting companies will provide you with almost the same feature and price. But all you have to look on the service provider customer support and servers up time.

Cloud Hosting

An infrastructure of a cloud delivery model service that provides a suite of remote or virtual services. These hosted on top of the cloud computing infrastructure and delivered on-demand basis. The hosting may also combine the capacity of few servers to provide a single cloud-hosted server. As with the other hosting s, you will get the various hosting packages from which you can get as per your requirement. You will get the few servers in the package.

The hosting will manage the traffic by spreading on the servers to prevent the website to go down. If the one server got down then the other servers can manage the load. This type of hosting is best for the website that has huge daily traffic. Cloud hosting provides untapped flexibility in scaling hosted resources.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

  • Cloud hosting cost satisfies the features of the package.
  • The hosting provides you maximum 99.9% uptime.
  • You can easily get recover data by backup if anything happened.
  • Cloud hosting is cost saving and very economical for the users.
  • The cloud web hosting provides you simplified and enhanced IT management.

The cloud hosting is very reliable and user-friendly with the protection of your data. The service provides you maximum up time which can stand up against heavy traffic on your blog.

Why should you buy Cloud Hosting?

The cloud hosting provides you with a bunch of servers that can bear huge traffic on the website. If you have the blog or website with a huge amount of traffic then you should get this hosting. It will never get down your website and reliable for the users to open quickly as the load time reduced. The users who are just starting the blog or website should go for the low-cost hosting. As the blog hitting more traffic then you can upgrade the plans.

You will get rich features bundled in the package. If you get any additional features then you can add on more features. You can increase the RAM and disk space as per your requirement. You can quickly boost up the website of calendars, blogs, forums, and chat are the few examples that scripts, you can easily install.

Dedicated Server Hosting

In this hosting, the company will provide the entire server to you which have the unique identity. You can easily run one or more website on one dedicated server. There is another upper level of dedicated hosting that known as the complex managed to host. If you don’t want to share the server or have a couple of successfully running blogs then dedicated server hosting will easily manage this thing. You will get the full control of the software and hardware of the server. You can choose the either Linux or Windows Dedicated server hosting.

Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Dedicated server hosting will provide more stability and reliability with the maximum 99.9% uptime.
  • You can customize the hardware of the system as per your requirement.
  • Each server contains a unique IP address and you will get for your website.
  • You will get the full control over the server.
  • The user will get the entire server to keep your content.

Why should you buy Dedicated Server Hosting?

Compare the package from the different hosting providers. Get the rich features server in the low cost. The page load speed depends on the hosting provider. If you have the website with the good traffic then you should switch to the dedicated server. It will provide you better page load speed and easily maintain the traffic on your website.

You can manage the RAM and disk space as per requirement in the dedicated server. You can addon more feature later from providing if they have the policy to increase features.

The hosting is the primary thing if you want to run your website or blog on your own. Choose the hosting as per requirement. Like if you just start a blog then shared hosting is enough to handle the traffic then you can upgrade the plans as per your requirement.

Comment down you more recommended hosting for the other bloggers and what hosting you use for your blog.

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