WordPress vs Blogger – Which is better & why? Detailed Comparison

By | August 27, 2018

Hello guys, here we will go to discuss the WordPress and Blogger (free self-hosted services) that will help you to decide which one can better for you. If you are going to start the blogging then this can help you. Just scroll down this page and get more information.

What is Blogger and its Features:-

WordPress vs Blogger Blogger is the free tool that provided by the Google for their users for blogging. In blogger, you don’t need to pay any single rupee to start blogging. You will get a free domain and web hosting to start blogging on Blogger. In a few steps, you can start blogging. You don’t even need to buy any hosting as it also provides by Google. Only, you need to have a Gmail address to start blogging on blogger.

This is the great free blogging platform for the peoples who want to start blogging without investing any money. Let’s discuss some special key features of Blogger:-

Free Hosting from Google:- One of the biggest advantage of the blogger that it provide you domain (Actually sub-domain) and hosting free without any extra cost. Yet it provides free hosting, you will get the 99.99999% uptime and no matter how much traffic you got. Google will not down your blog if it get the good traffic.

Totally Free (No cost):- Creating the blog on Google Blogger is absolutely free and there is no hidden charge for it. You don’t need to pay the type of subscription fees, registration fee, sub-domain fees. Apart from it, you will get the hosting free from the Google.

Free Themes and customization – Blogger itself provide you any attractive Blogspot free themes. You can customize these themes as per your requirement. If you want some professionalism in the blogger then you can download other attractive themes which are available on the internet.

Easy to use:- If you don’t know about the HTML, CSS then it not a big deal. Blogger will provide you everything already set. You just need to create a new blog and start blogging without spending any money. It just consumes your time.

Domain Name:- you will get the free domain on the blogger which is actually the subdomain of Blogspot. Later, you can purchase a domain name and continue with blogger.

Security:- Blogger is the product/ service of Google for which it updated the security patches. So, you don’t need to worry about your blog security.

Website Indexing:- Google search index the blogger sites in 24 hours. Faster indexing will help you to keep more traffic to your blog.

User-friendly:- Here used word user-friendly completely justify it. You don’t need to go through any settings to run your blog. The blogger has the simple and easy to use interface. It is considered as the easiest platform for blogging.

We just go through the advantages of blogger. Now, we check out the difference between blogger and WordPress which will help you to understand the best blogging platform that suits you.

When you will use the Blogger then your data will be hosted on the Google’s Servers. So, you don’t have so much control over your databases and files. But while using the WordPress Self Hosted blog, you will host your blog on the hosting servers which gives you full control over your database and files. You can do anything with your hosting and domain name while using WordPress (within Limits).

Expandability:- Even blogger has the number of tools and themes on Blogspot but still has less than WordPress. There are many things you can’t do in Blogger but in WordPress, you get it free. You can expand and change the WordPress as per your requirement. There is a number of free plugins in WordPress which helps you a lot.

Difficulty level:- In a few steps, you can create a blog on the blogger with or without any technical skills. But while you are using WordPress then you need to learn about the hosting service.

Look & Appearance:- Well, nothing is better than the WordPress themes and the best thing is that you can get it for free. You can customize it as you want. On the other hand, Blogger has the limited themes and not so customizable. If you want to use premium themes for WordPress then it will give your website too much professional look.

Hosting:- While you creating the blog on the Blogger then you don’t need to worry about the hosting service or any an extra headache. Just create a blog and start blogging. But while using WordPress then you have to purchase a package of hosting from a provider by spending some money. But you can get in the free hosting in WordPress.com but the same reason that you don’t have the much control over your database. So, go with the WordPress.org if you are going to take your blog for a long time.

Support: – WordPress has very active support forums which always keen to solve out your problems. But if you are the user of Blogger then you don’t get such support.

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Difference between WordPress and Blogger

  • Ownership

Google has the ownership of the blogger that means all your data will store in the Google servers which you can’t access. Yet you can easily make up to 100 blogs with Gmail account but if Google takes down you blogs suddenly without any notice then you can’t even claim or objection. But Google doesn’t do it to users if you are only sharing the good information with other.

While using WordPress, you don’t face such a situation. You have complete control on your server and hosting. So, only you can turn off your website and start whenever you want. The google will only interrupt your website if you are violent any terms & conditions. Only you get the penalty of out of google search. Your website will not get off. So, your real users can visit your website by direct URL.

  • Appearance

When we talk about the appearance, the first thing is templates or themes. Blogger users will get the limited options of the themes which are not so customizable easily. Also, there are many premium themes available for Blogger but is it worth? Free WordPress themes are far better than the blogger premium themes. You can get limitless options for the themes which are available for free and paid. If you want to make a brand and take your website for a long time then nothing can be better than WordPress.

WordPress gives you a professional looking beautiful blog which attracts the users to read it. But while you use the blogger templates, you can’t do many changes in it. Also, forget about the awesome plug-ins while using blogger. If you are new to blogging then start with the blogger and understand well.

  • Control

Google will provide you some limited tools to control your blog. If you want to add some more features in blogger then it seems impossible. Can’t say anything about the future. While WordPress is an open source Platform. You can customize and add new features as per your requirement on the blog. You can improve your blog by using the plugin.

  • Security

In security feature, nothing can beat Google security codes. As we all know that Blogger is the tool of the Google. So, you do not need to worry about your blog security. While WordPress is not such security as the blogger has security. If you want to secure your blog then you have to pay your hosting provider to get SSL certificates and many other ways to secure your blog from virus and hackers. There are many free and paid plugins which will help you to protect your blog.

  • Storage Space

Google provides their users 1GB space for Blogger in which you have to post everything. But you can easily add it to your Google+ account. But in case of WordPress, you have to spend $4.95/month to get the unlimited space.

  • Updates

Blogger doesn’t get any updates or new features. Google has made any major changes in blogger in past few years. But WordPress will continuously provide you updates and new features to make it better for you.

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO is very important and popular these days if you want to rank your blog on google search #1 to increase traffic on your blog. Blogger is still behind the WordPress because there are many plugins are available for the WordPress which will help you to increase your blog traffic.

  • Cost

To use blogger, you just need a Gmail account and you can create the number of blogs. You don’t need to spend any money to start blogging with blogger. The same thing you can do in the WordPress.com but you have some limitations. That’s why people prefer free blogging site blogger than WordPress.

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Final Words

Both of the blogging platforms have the pros and cons. But it depends upon you what you choose. If you want to do just try blogging then Blogspot can be a good option to start. In the other hand, if you want to make a career in the blogging then no doubt, go for the WordPress. The user makes the things good or bad. You just need to figure out your requirements and choose the best blogging platform.

Both the platforms provide the free service to use the blogging. You should try that to understand the functions of the script that they use. Yet, blogger is a product of the Google but WordPress is the other organization. You will get the security in the blogger but if you want customization for your website or blog then go with the WordPress.

That’s all for now. If you have any query or want know more then you can tell me in the comment box. I will surely reply as soon as possible. You can also suggest topics in the comment section about which you want to know. Thanks for visiting here. Wish you good luck. Have a Nice Day!


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